Morningstar, MMI Team Up To School Advisors On ESG

Advisors will have a new tool to keep them up-to-date on one of the hottest  recent investing trends.

The New York-based Money Management Institute is partnering with Chicago-based Morningstar to launch The Sustainable Investing Initiative, an educational program surrounding environmental-, social- and governance-oriented (ESG) investing.

“This was a natural intersection between our strategic outlooks, and a natural fit for our asset managers who are increasingly generating solutions that are in line with the tenets of sustainable investing,” says Craig Pfeiffer, president and CEO of the Money Management Institute. “What’s happened is that there’s plenty of supply in ESG, from the development of ESG-oriented investment alternatives, and there’s plenty of demand, we know from market research that millennials and women now own a greater percentage of assets, and they’re more interested in a disciplined financial process that can make some kind of impact on the world – but there’s a lack of traction because the advisor in the middle either doesn’t fully understand ESG, or they’re not comfortable responding to questions about ESG.”

The initiative seeks to close the gap between supply and demand  and help intermediaries better target their clients with information about ESG investing, says Pfeiffer.

At launch, the initiative will offer online resources and academic content for advisors  and their clients.

from FA News–mmi-team-up-to-school-advisors-on-esg-33788.html


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