Two New Advisory Firms RIse Up In Two New Advisory Firms Rise Up In California

Two new California financial firms announced their launch on Tuesday with a shared goal of offering families specialized financial services

In Beverly Hills, a team of Merrill Lynch veterans announced the creation of Boulevard Family Wealth, a new multi-family office that will cater to ultra affluent individuals.

Boulevard will be led by Matthew Celenza, who is joined by his long-time team members and advisors Shannon McLaughlin and Andrea Shea. The trio previously served in Merrill Lynch’s Private Banking and Investment Group, where they managed more than $1 billion in client assets.

Andrew Aiello, formerly senior vice president in Merrill Lynch’s Ultra High Net Worth Solutions department, will also join to lead Boulevard Insurance Strategies, the new firm’s insurance business.

Dynasty Financial Partners and Schwab Advisor Services worked with Boulevard partners to build out the new firm.

“We believe that objectivity is at the core of our offering, so we will be able to access, on behalf of our clients, a greatly expanded selection of investment capabilities, lending platforms, sophisticated insurance products, planning resources, capital market solutions, and alternative manager opportunities,” said Celenza in a statement released on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, in Berkeley, Rise Financial opened its doors as the latest firm to offer holistic socially responsible financial services to consumers.

from FA News


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