Many Investors In a Holding Pattern as Bull Market Resumes

The markets churn, the world turns, yet half of all investors remain unmoved.

According to research released Monday by New York-based Drefyus, 49 percent of 1,250 individual U.S. investors indicate that they have not taken any action to re-evaluate their portfolios, even as a bull market in equities enters its eighth year.

While most market prognosticators predict that investors will have to navigate prolonged periods of lower returns, those concerns are not filtering down to many investors, according to Dreyfus’s “Helping Meet Investor Challenges Study.” The long-lasting economic recovery may be causing complacency among market participants.

Dreyfus found that investors tend to become more implacable with age: While 61 percent of respondents aged 55 and older have no plans to re-evaluate their approach, most investors between 21 and 34, roughly corresponding to the millennial generation, are consistently reviewing their portfolios.

from FA News

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