When Given Chance, Young Women Warm To Working In Financial Industry

Kathleen Powers Dunlap was looking for 60 young women interested in asset management.

She found 1,500.

“It was a surprise, we’ve read and heard  a great deal about how women aren’t gravitating towards careers in asset management, so we thought we would have to do a sales job to get more women interested,” says Dunlap, CEO of Girls Who Invest, a non-profit group dedicated to growing the number of women in portfolio management. “It’s been a real eye-opener to find out how interested women are in our industry.”

Earlier in June, Girls Who Invest kicked off its second Summer Intensive Program at the University of Pennsylvania with 60 college freshmen and sophomores.

Though no formal marketing program was established this year, Girls Who Invest sought applications from students interested in asset management and received 1,500 responses via the web, 500 of which were qualified responses.

“We didn’t do very much marketing at all, there was some social media, and there was word of mouth from young women who had been alumni of the program,” says Dunlap.

from FA News http://www.fa-mag.com/news/when-given-opportunities–young-women-warm-to-financial-industry-33248.html


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