Interest In Home Ownership Sinks, Freddie Mac Says

Fewer Americans care about living the dream of homeownership, according to a recent survey from Freddie Mac.

American renters are now not only feeling more optimistic about their finances, but also they’re less likely to be interested in owning their own home, according to the survey.

The number of renters who say that renting is a good choice for them now rose from 46 percent in January 2016 to 52 percent in March 2017.

Renters’ sentiments about their financial situation have improved since the last time Freddie Mac asked the question in 2016: More than two-fifths, 41 percent, of renters now say they have enough money to last beyond payday, up from 34 percent in September, while those who say they cannot afford essential living expenses has declined from 20 percent in September to 14 percent in March 2017. Overall financial confidence among renters increased regardless of age group or geography.

Yet that newfound financial confidence is not leading to home ownership, according to the survey.

from FA News–u-s–interest-in-home-ownership-sinks-32302.html


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