These Companies Have Grown Over 2,000% SInce The Financial Crisis

If every crisis is an opportunity, then the global financial crisis was an opportunity of global proportions.

In 8 years after its March 9, 2009 bottom, the S&P 500 expanded in value by more than 420 percent– but a small subset of stocks have returned more than 2,000 percent.

Buying $10,000 worth of the entire S&P 500 index in 2009 would lead to over $42,000, but holding $10,000 of one of the 10 highest returning stocks since the nadir of the financial crisis would have led to an investment valued at more than $200,000 today.

For this analysis, we have compared each stock’s closing price on March 9, 2009 with its closing price on Monday, March 27, 2017.

No. 10 — Qorvo, Inc.

from FA News


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