Facebook To Show People The Russian Propaganda They Followed

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They’re Robots, But Not All Roboadvisors Are Alike

As roboadvisors proliferated, there was little for investors and advisors to use to differentiate one from the other aside from the promises of product providers and slick advertisements. Now, as roboadvisors swell towards an anticipated $166 billion AUM, comparative research from Martinsville, N.J.-based Condor Capital Management finds huge disparities in roboadvisor returns.

In its most recent Robo Report for the third quarter of 2017, Condor Capital Management studied the performance of 20 of the nation’s more prominent direct-to-investor roboadvisors, finding a 281-basis-point difference between the top and bottom performers.

“That;s a very wide dispersion of returns, but we should remember that for most of our research we’re only looking at a little more than a year’s worth of results,” said David Goldstone, research analyst at Condor Capital Management and one of the report’s co-authors.

from FA News https://www.fa-mag.com/news/they-re-robots–but-not-all-roboadvisors-are-alike-35835.html

Will Black Friday Brighten Retail ETFs?

Black Friday and the fourth-quarter is generally when retailers make most of their money, and given how retail stocks have performed this year, they’re going to need every penny that shoppers will fork over this holiday season.

It’s no secret retailers are suffering, particularly brick-and-mortar stores, hard hit by a combination of a rise in ecommerce shopping and Americans’ changing tastes in what they buy.

That’s seen in exchanged-traded funds like SDPR S&P Retail (XRT), which is down 4.5 percent year-to-date, as retail is one of the few losing subsectors in an otherwise overall bullish year for equities. The fund’s top-three categories—apparel and accessories, automotive and department stores—represent the most unloved areas of retail and make up 50 percent of its holdings.

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